My random brain

The Morning After

Color me petty, but I still refuse to fall in like with Donnie…

There were so many great K/D moments in Season 1 without them actually getting together. Why does it feel like Season 2 obliterated all that with their lack of K/D…

Ah well, how does that older than crap saying go? The course of true love never did run smooth? Still have hope for winter, but wish we had more to go on until then…just sayin’

Are you alive?

Okay, my Daniel/Kate shippers….did we survive? My ship may be a little worse for wear but I swear that it’ll be up and running again by February. 

I grudgingly liked Donnie in this ep, but he does not belong with Kate. That is just NO! And Cello Lady can leave with him.

Yeah….t’wasn’t enough for them to shoot holes in one side of my ship. They had to put the smackdown on both sides?!!! My heart hurts…

Confession: I’m worried that Kate’s going to get back together with Donnie and that is just not acceptable.

I will go down with the Kate x Daniel ship! ~fist pump~

Season 3!!!!!

Can we just take a moment and celebrate that there’s going to be a Season 3 of Perception next summer? And we’ve still got 4 episodes coming this winter so we don’t have to go a whole year without?!


Ugh, Kate can’t start falling for Donnie again. It just can’t happen. Glad she stopped it, but she still had the look….No, Kate! That’s a bad Kate!! He cheated on you and you’re supposed to fall in love with Daniel!

How am I supposed to sit here and do “research” for my Perception fanfic story by watching full episodes on the TNT website and have K/D feels as they are both staring at me from the side panels?

Rewatching Toxic

Kate is being way too defensive about Daniel thinking she has feelings for him. The lady doth protest too much?